Gaming Extravaganza
We provide the most entertaining and engaging gaming activities that will want you to keep playing.

With Motion Mania, Interactive Floors, Invisible TV, sports and racing simulators, Virtual Reality and so many other products in the arsenal, we offer a huge range of gaming activities that are suitable for team-building, stress buster or engagement activities at all sorts of events.

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Virtual Reality
We offer a plethora of Virtual Reality games and experiences that will blow your mind with an option to customise content to suit your needs.

You’ll probably never go to Mars, swim with the dolphins, conquer the Everest or play cricket in a stadium. But with our Virtual Reality products you might be able to do all these things—and many more—without even leaving your home. We also undertake custom requests to build content from scratch as per your needs.

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Augmented Reality
Bring to life the concepts of your fascination and interact with them in ways you never imagined.

Imagine taking selfies with dinosaurs, petting a lion, swimming in volcanic lava or jumping with astronauts on Moon. All of this, and a lot more, can be done for your next big day! We create personalised solutions to suit the theme of your event and the only limitations is your own imagination.

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Use virtual props for selfie, make funny GIFs or teleport to the Eiffel Tower all with the click of a button.

With the best Photo Booth solutions that we offer, getting social is a must. Choose from Selfie booths, Magic Mirrors, Augmented Reality, Survey Booths or GIFs booth. You are not clicking pictures any more, this is about capturing memories that you can share on social media or take a print out.

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Gesture Based Interactions
We present to you a variety of gesture based interactions that’ll work with just the wave of a hand, literally.

It’s time you get rid of the remote controllers and the touch panels. These babies will make you wave your hands, groove your body and jump on your feet. With a variety of products we offer a range of sports & dance activities. You can give formal presentations at the swipe of your hands. Not enough? Tell us what you have in mind & we’ll get it done.

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Touch Based Interactions
With Graffiti Walls, Interactive Tables, Informative Kiosks and so much more, we bet it’d be difficult to keep your hands off anymore.

Play custom made games, paint your own canvas, click pictures and add props, take surveys & blah blah blah… There are literally so many options that instead of us telling what we can do, we’d prefer you ask us if “it” can be done. Though the answer will always be a Yes.

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Super Simulators
We bring the best of football, cricket, golf & racing experiences within your reach now and every time.

Football, Cricket, Golf & Racing are not outdoor activities anymore. You don’t need others to play with you and can still experience the thrill of a competitive game. We create surreal sports setting for an immersive experience of your choice.

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All the Latest and Upcoming Products from Tacnik which are all about Innovation and excitement.

Brain sensing technology, Internet of Things and Holographic Projections are few of the latest Technology that we have developed to provide unique and innovative solutions which can cater to a wide audience with plenty of customizations to offer.

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